One to One with Children 

My daughter, of 6 years, has benefited tremendously from Patricia’s treatment since November 2012. Patricia is able to communicate with her although she is non-verbal. The sessions have helped her to be calmer and seem to have released some issues which were affecting her, and they also provided a positive, healing outlet of expression . This could not have happened in any other form of therapy. And I myself have been a client and have experienced the gift of the bowls. The amazing sounds of the Tibetan bowls stay in your memory and reverberate in your whole body.

The “mind, body, spirit” sessions are all-encompassing and give very powerful healing. This is facilitated by Patricia who has a gift of insight and healing which my daughter and I have experienced firsthand, and for which I am so amazed to have experienced.  I have recommended Patricia to many people already and will continue to do so in the future.

Niamh, March 2013

One to One Sound Healing / Reiki session

“I didn’t know what to expect when I went for my Tibetan Singing Bowls healing with Patricia. However, the experience went far beyond what I could possibly have imagined. I went from feeling stressed, tired and uneasy to a feeling of deep peace, healing and connection. I felt as though I floated away. Guided by those magical sounds, my body easily and naturally began healing itself, while I enjoyed a much-needed rest. I am very grateful to Patricia for this experience.  I would recommend the Tibetan Singing Bowls to anyone who desires to heal heart, body or mind”  Emily 
“Arriving for a one to one Sound Healing session I was immediately put at ease by Patricia’s warm nature and the safe environment she had created allowing healing to begin.  I felt deeply relaxed as Patricia used a combination of Reiki and Tibetan Singing Bowls to help shift and clear my energy system.  The use of Singing Bowls added an additional healing quality that I had never experienced in a Reiki session before.  I left feeling very centred and at one within myself and the world again.” Elaine 2012
Tibetan Singing Bowl Workshop

I have found the workshops using Tibetan Singing Bowls facilitated by Patricia, to be very welcoming, enjoyable, calming, safe place and by allowing attendees present hands on experience of the different types of bowls, sounds and application allows you to get the feeling of giving and receiving a healing. The moment you walk into rooms with the Tibetan singing bowls present you don’t want to leave. Patricia demonstration, help and meditation make it a very worthwhile workshop. The sounds from the Tibetan singing Bowls resonate right to the soul. No hesitation in recommending other people to attend this Workshop or any other Workshop or 1-1 facilitated by Patricia. Daniel

Yoga Classes

I found your class amazing not only did I get into the ‘zone ‘ I found I learnt alot more about yoga & it’s not just not about getting the position perfect it’s about everything the breathing & the posture. Thank you. Gill 2012

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