Become a Sound Healer Training

Sacred Sound Healer Training Course Using Tibetan Singing Bowls

This unique course to Ireland will give you an opportunity to learn how to use the bowls to give one to one healing treatments, treat different physical ailments and give you a deeper understanding of the power of these wonderous instruments. Tibetan singing bowls are the perfect complement to any alternative therapy e.g. massage & reiki.


 New Course Start Dates : Day One & Two  Saturday 5th & 6th October 

Venue: Restore Holistic Centre, Camden Street, Dublin 2

Final date organised a couple of weeks later to suit all in the group and allow time to practice and complete course work

DAY ONE: Connecting with Sound Within & Power of Vibration Healing. A deep day learning the fundamentals of the power of sound and vibrations, experiencing the power of sound using bowls & voice.

This day will be open to all people interested in Sound Healing who may not necessarily be interested in completely the entire ‘Training to be a Sound Healer Course’  This day must be completed before moving onto the training stages. 

DAY TWO: Using Singing Bowls for Therapy- Theory & Practice

DAY THREE: Full Therapy, Group healing sessions

DAY FOUR: Review of Course Work, Certification, Sound Bath

Certification upon completion of all course work:

Other prerequisites for the course:

1. Have experienced a one to one healing session

2. Paid a deposit for the course.

If you would like more information and a copy of the course outline for the course and register information please contact me directly at or call me 087 1316826. 

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