BodyMind Balancing Benefits

Listening to our own internal intelligence: The bodymind’s internal intelligence is consulted to enable it to heal itself at all levels.

Re-establishing internal communication: It enhances re-establishment of communication on all levels of the bodymind system, physical, emotional, mental (rigid beliefs), energy and environmental.

Increased well-being: Because the body’s own energy is used BodyMind Balancing is a safe and effective therapy which yields remarkable results.

The treatment has the ability to address many issues. Common disorders that BodyMind Balancing helps are:

  • Learning: dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, and left/right brain confusion
  • Immune System: chronic viruses and infections, poor immune functioning, many cases of allergies
  • Physical: general physical dysfunction
  • Emotional: addressing stored emotions that are still active in the system
  • Thinking: addressing thought patterns that are active in the system and are keep us limited
  • Energy: system imbalances.
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