Body Mind Balancing

What is BodyMind Balancing?

BodyMind Balancing is a combination of therapy techniques. It uses these to re-establish communication within the bodymind system: physical, emotional, beliefs, energy and environmental. The techniques used are Bio feedback or dowsing, and various physical and energy systems.

Biofeedback uses muscle testing to communicate with the bodymind. By using this technique we can tap into the body’s own internal intelligence of its condition and of its needs. The muscle indicates a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ prioritizing areas of the bodymind that are to be addressed and where communication need to be re-established.

Breathing and tapping of the head and sternum to re set the brain. This technique has been used for centuries by Indian yogis to stimulate the brain into re-activating particular areas of the body thus re-establishing communication between aspects of the bodymind.

The Combination of these techniques allow us to communicate with the bodymind on all levels to find out its needs. Whatever the system indicates is isolated and we then put the body’s own healing mechanisms to work. This is why BodyMind Balancing is such a safe and at the same time powerful therapy.

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