Patricia focuses helping you find peace in your life                                 

* Sacred Sound Therapy using Tibetan Singing Bowls *Reiki* Body Mind Balancing*Yoga*

Our objective is to provide a peaceful environment for healing and learning for those who wish to discover the gifts of these ancient practices.

In our treatments  & classes Patricia offers an intuitive sensitivity to the needs of the clients.

Sacred Sound Therapy using Tibetan Singing Bowls stimulates the brain to alpha  make changes that increase our abilities in cleansing, clearing our body of any blockages, giving deep sense of peace through sound, frequency & vibration. 

Reiki restores and maintain your health by balancing the chakras and auras through hands on healing.

BodyMind Balancing re-establishes communication within the bodymind system: physical, emotional, beliefs, energy and environmental.

The reason we love all of these different healing arts is through our own experience we have found that peace from them. Whether it is at during body mind balancing, reiki or singing bowl treatment people are at ‘PEACE’ which is a real rarity in our busy lives today, so practising or trying out any of these is really a gift to yourself to take time out for you and find some peace!

“If there is no inner peace within the individuals of a society, there can be no external peace.” Swamiji Vishnu Devananda